Rollin Pickford

Master Prints

by Joel Pickford

Coke Hallowell’s Childhood Home, 1973

Chosen from among Rollin’s most popular watercolors, these archival prints are made with the same expensive European rag papers that Rollin used to create the originals. They are so close to the originals as to be almost identical. Each print is handmade by Joel Pickford, signed and dated.

The original watercolors shown here are all in private collections and are not for sale. Now you can enjoy these masterpieces in your home for an amazingly affordable price.

All Rollin Pickford master prints are individually made to order, so please allow several weeks for delivery. Expedited ordering is available. Email joel@rollinpickford.com.

Print sizes are approximately the same as the original watercolors. Measurements listed in the gallery are approximate and prints are made on oversized paper to create borders.

“As a Pickford watercolor collector with more than 60 originals in my home, I never thought I would ever consider buying a print. But one day I happened to see some prints at the Pickford home and I couldn’t believe my eyes! I immediately bought one of ‘San Joaquin River, 1958,’ which now hangs over my fireplace. When friends admire the painting, I have fun telling them it is a print. Even after scrutinizing it up close they still don’t believe me. My framed print is indistinguishable from a real watercolor.”

-Barbara Moyle Dimmock